How can the Pandemic Informed Choir Director continue to practice their ministry?

We are faced with a hard truth, that singing is not safe during a pandemic. Furthermore that when we return to worship within the confines of our building choral signing and congregational signing will not be safe options. I believe this to be a reality we must be prepared for this Fall. At first glance this feels like a devastating blow! How can we be church and not sing! Singing our faith has always been essential to our spiritual health. 

Perhaps there are answers to be discovered just as we found ways to worship beyond our building. I have never believed that the work of the Choir Director was the music the choir produced. The heart of the Choir Director’s ministry has already revolved around inspiring faith beyond words, empowering the congregation’s voice, and giving a physical embodiment to the Divine Mystery. I do believe the Pandemic Informed Choir Director has options. 

Allow me to spark your imagination. I think the primary question before us is how can the Choir Director lead physical (non vocal) ways for the congregation to express their faith into music? 

  • Perhaps a congregation filled with shakers, drums and bells.
  • Perhaps Chime Choirs, Bells choirs, and percussion choirs lead. 
  • Perhaps Dance and Movement.
  • Can a Choral Choir become a Boomwhakers choir? (Check Youtube)

We have sung with holy words for several eons, but this is not the only instrument we have in our repertoire. Let us call upon the playful and mischievous Holy Spirit to dance us into new traditions, Let new songs spring up from the depth of our souls, Let new languages speak the praises of our God.