Pastors are life long learners

Continuing Education is SO Important! Here’s Some, what I am up to

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Professional Transition Specialist (PTS) Interim Ministry Network

Certificate in Church Revitalization from the Center for Progressive Renewal (Almost Done)

Ordination in the United Church of Christ 2009

First Aid CPR

Online classes

Church Renewal 1.0 with the Center for Progressive Renewal

Church Renewal 2.0 with the C(Also check out my What am I Reading Page)enter for Progressive Renewal

MBA Skills for Church Leaders with the Center for Progressive Renewal

In Person Enrichment

Coaching Plus Healthy Communications Does a Successful Conversation Make presented by the Rev. Dr. Claire Bamberg 6/7/2018

Community of Practice within MACUCC 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Community of Practice within PCUCC 2012, 2013, 2014

One year of cohort coaching with Jame Latimer 2017-2018

(STILL) REFORMING -CPR  Atlanta, November 8-10 2017

Fundamentals of Transitional Ministry: The Work of the Leader.

      Class Instructor: Norman Bendroth    8/19/13 – 8/23/13 in West Hartford, CT

Fundamentals of  Transitional Ministry: The Work of the Congregations.  

      Class Instructor: Norman Bendroth  July 21-25, 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland

Fundamentals of  Transitional Ministry: Integrated Field Work.

      Class Instructor: Martin Homan  July 2015 – December 2015 

Fall Super Saturday October 2016, 2017

Massachusetts Annual Meeting 2016- 2018

Pacific Northwest Annual Meeting 1992-2002

Boundary Training

Day of Covenant  Central Association 2016, 2017

Day of Covenant Northeast Association 2017, 2018, 2019


Introduction to Coaching, Center for Congregational Health, 9/12/19 2.0 hours

Marks of Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministers 4/4/19 (MESA Team) 1.5 hours

Jim Antal on Climate Change 1/25/2017 45 minutes

Creating Missional Worship 2/2/2017 50 minutes

Making Mission Matter Again 2/2/2017 45 minutes

How to do Visual Worship without fancy technology 2/1/2017 57 minutes

 Is your church a Faith Formation Hot House? 1/25/2017 52 minutes

2016 Lenten Series, Follow Jesus on the way to Justice 2/1/2017 47 minutes

Every Pastor, Ministry Staff and Church Leader a Coach 2/2/2017 54 minutes

Church Communications 101: How to tell your story 2/15/2017 25 minutes

Re-imagine Lent: Preach to Ignite Your Soul and Your People 3/22/2017 56 minutes

Social Media for Ministry – Twitter (Historical) 5/30/2017 14 minutes

CPR Connects Chat: Popping the Communications Bubble 5/30/2017 45 minutes

A Conversation about the Sanctuary Movement 5/30/2017 51 minutes

What Is Our Faithful Response? Dr. Todd Green 6/7/2017 18 minutes

Church Renewal 2.0, Young Families. Molly Baskette 9/13/2017 14 minutes

Advent 2015, Wrapping Up in Red 11/14/2017 27 minutes

2015 Advent Series, Victorian Christmas 11/14/2017 21 minutes

How to Make Advent and Christmas Eve Fabulous… 11/14/2017 27 minutes

Module 21 – Rediscovering the E Word 3/20/2018 16 minutes

Church Planting 2.0: Evangelism, Get Them to Come Back 3/20/2018 14 minutes

Church Planting 2.0: Get Them to Come, Radical Welcome 3/21/2018 13 minutes

Church Renewal 1.0, Module 1 3/21/2018 26 minutes

Convergence Leadership Project  Wes Roberts and Peter Barber on Mentoring 5/24/2018 39 minutes

BEING a Healthy Leader 5/24/2018 26 minutes

Service to the Wider Church

Chair of the Education Youth and Outdoor Ministry Committee for the Washington North Idaho Conference

(Now the Pacific Northwest Conference)

Camp Counselor

Camp Director

East-Side Conference Office Location Team for the Pacific Northwest Conference

Committee on Ministry (Standing) Northeast Association MACUCC

Clergy Development Ministry Council MACUCC

Note to Self

Not included above -Boundary Training – Interim Phone Call – Profile Writing Framingham – phone call Malcolm / Seminary visit to UCC national / Building and Loan this last fall / Framingham